Congratulations you’ve just completed another drawing, how does it feel to be able to do something everyone can do but only a few have the courage to do? Honestly, the answer is this; Unsatisfied. The reason is in between complex and simple; I have not found my art style. But…

Elena Lacey (Getty Images)

What if all we are programmed to accept is a front? I have never seen the lame walk or the dead breathe. Though I won’t question if you say you have seen. Have you heard of the black hole? Do you know astrophysics, or are you concerned about an honest…

He stepped out of the car, livid. He wondered what the point of attending the funeral service if God couldn’t save his mom. His eyes were swollen from all the crying. They were adequately hidden from the onlookers at the service with the dark shades he wore. He did not…


Still from Stranger in Moscow music video

When the rain falls, do you have enough blankets to cover you through the cold? When the sun shines, do you have a roof over your head with a moderate temperature to keep you from feeling the heat?

Before I sleep at night, I think…


Bipolar by Lauren Cooper

You have to nip it in the bud.
The thoughts, the feelings.
You have to take control,
You just have to.

It is sensational.
It comes with a sense of purpose.
It is exhilarating.
You can’t point to a better feeling.

It takes you on a walk, literally.
You begin to see the world from another light.
You feel like you’ve unlocked a new level of consciousness.
Tell me a better feeling.

Then it spins out of control.
This consciousness, it’s faux.
How can it be though?
It came from the genuineness of places. Or did it?

You didn’t ask for it.
You were born with it.
That raging passion,
or that racing thought.

You just have to nip it in the bud.

“Everything you can imagine is real”- Pablo Picasso

Creativity as a concept is as old as the existence of humanity, it has thrived through several civilisations, Plato in his great work, ‘The Republic’ stated, ‘will we say, of a painter, that he makes something?’ then he answers, ‘certainly not, he…

Oluwatobi Aluko


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